Google Apple Partnership to track Corona Virus infections

Apple Google Partnership

Just came across this *noble* Google Apple Partnership to track Corona Virus infections:

All that comes to my mind is Privacy! Privacy! Privacy!

What makes you think that this code will have no bugs.  Given that during NORMAL software cycles, the code still has bugs. Imagine releasing the code in a very compressed timeline.

After its release, a vulnerability will be identified that threat actors will exploit and have a field day. This might end up being a privacy nightmare.   If this initiative still proceeds, which it will, thanks to folks with an attention span of a goldfish, the following requirements MUST be included:

1. Option for the user to OPT-OUT

2. Ability to uninstall this feature, cannot be part of the base OS

3. As soon as this COVID situation is addressed, this initiative MUST be shutdown.

I am almost certain that certain three-letter agencies are already salivating at this idea(or maybe it was their idea).

Countries should start more testing and screening programs instead of supporting these privacy impacting initiatives.

Users with Android and Apple devices, think twice before opting in or supporting this weird program, your privacy is at risk for god’s sake.