Security News for 4Jun2020

“Hangover Group is a cyberespionage group that was first observed in December 2013 carrying on a cyberattack against a telecom corporation in Norway. Cybersecurity firm Norman reported that the cyberattacks were emerging from India and the group sought and carried on attacks against targets of national interest, such as Pakistan and China. However, there have been indicators of Hangover activity in the U.S. and Europe. Mainly focusing on government, military, and civilian organizations. The Hangover Group’s initial vector of compromise is to carry out spear-phishing campaigns. The group uses local and topical news lures from the South Asia region to make their victims more prone to falling into their social engineering techniques, making them download and execute a weaponized Microsoft Office document. After the user executes the weaponized document, backdoor communication is established between BackConfig and the threat actors, allowing attackers to carry on espionage activity, potentially exfiltrating sensitive data from compromised systems.”

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