Cyber Security News for 11Apr2020

  1. “FortiGuard Labs team is seeing an average of about 600 new phishing campaigns per day. Their content is designed to either prey on the fears and concerns of individuals, take advantage of new circumstances, or pretend to provide essential information. These phishing attacks range from scams related to helping individuals deposit their stimulus checks, to providing access to hard to find medical supplies, to providing helpdesk support for new teleworkers.”
  2. “Monte dei Paschi, one of the biggest Italian banks, suffered a cyber attack, hackers accessed the mailboxes of some employees and sent emails to clients.”
  3. “Signal Says It Willl Leave the US Market if the EARN IT Actg Passes Congress”
  4. “We covered the basic outlines of the project here, but there is a lot more to dig into — starting with the technical documents published by the two companies. They reveal a lot about what Apple and Google are actually trying to do with this sensitive data, and where the project falls short. So we took a dive into those filings and tried to answer the twelve most pressing questions, starting at the absolute beginning.”
  5. “The Sodinokibi Ransomware has started to accept the Monero cryptocurrency to make it harder for law enforcement to track ransom payments and plans to stop allowing bitcoin payments in the future.”

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