What is the difference between NetFlow version 5 and 9?

NetFlow version 5 and version 9 have the following differences¹²³:

  • NetFlow version 5 generally supports ingress flow export only; NetFlow version 9 supports both ingress and egress export.
  • NetFlow version 5 is fixed in terms of the fields you can match and export; NetFlow version 9 is template-based, meaning you can freely choose which fields you’d like to have present in the exported NetFlow packets.
  • NetFlow version 9 includes additional information such as BGP origin AS, MAC addresses, VLAN IDs, and other router performance characteristics; NetFlow version 5 does not.
  • NetFlow version 9 is the IETF standard mechanism for information export; NetFlow version 5 is not.

If you want more details, please refer to the official Cisco documentation³.

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