How to evaluate an ICO?

These are some of the key considerations when evaluating an ICO:

  1. What is the token trying to achieve/solve/disrupt
  2. How many of the total tokens being issued are held by the ICO issuer?
  3. Which individuals are part of the ICO issue core team? What are their backgrounds, what is their track record in this space
  4. If there is a GitHub page, review the various repositories and see how many people are supporting it, and what percentage are active, because you could have one hundred people listed, and only five are active, not a good sign. How often are changes being committed?
  5. How long does the ICO run for?
  6. What does the ICO issuer plan to do with the capital raised?
  7. If the ICO has already been issued, check for its details.
  8. See what community is saying about this ICO, sites like:
Team sites on Telegram
Team sites on Discord
Team sites on Slack