Sofacy Recycles Carberp and Metasploit Code

The Sofacy Group (also known as Pawn Storm or APT28) is well known for deploying zero-day exploits in their APT campaigns. For example, two recent zero-days used by the Sofacy Group were exploiting vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office CVE-2015-2424 and Java CVE-2015-2590. Link: Sofacy Recycles Carberp and Metasploit Code

Pentesting Tools

Gone are the days when we would build install various tools on linux laptop with nmap, nessus, kismet, metasploit etc. Then came the bootup CD images whereby you could just boot off of the CD/DVD and perform pentesting. Pentesting Tools have evolved so much that all one needs is a tablet which is very convenient and does not look out of …

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