Cyber Security News for 1Jun2020

“A totally connected world will also be especially susceptible to cyberattacks. Even before the introduction of 5G networks, hackers have breached the control center of a municipal dam system, stopped an Internet-connected car as it travelled down an interstate, and sabotaged home appliances. Ransomware, malware, crypto-jacking, identity theft, and data breaches have become so common that more Americans are afraid of cybercrime than they are of becoming a victim of violent crime.”

Cyber Security News for 15Apr2020

“Tech-savvy individuals and firms have been eager to apply their skills to the coronavirus pandemic, as they should be. Some of them are working with governments who have flexed their “special powers” and public health muscles, as governments should do.” https://www.blackhatethicalhacking.com/news/coronavirus-tracing-tech-policy-more-significant-than-the-war-on-encryption/ “Researchers from ESET believe that the attacks against two San Francisco International Airport (SFO) websites were carried …

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