Why is it important to have separate production and non-production networks?

Having separate production and non-production networks is important for several reasons: Risk management: A production network handles live, real-time traffic and serves as the backbone of the organization’s operations. Any downtime or issues in the production network can have severe consequences, such as financial losses, damage to reputation, and disruption of services. By separating the …

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Attribute Value Name REvil Aliases SodinokibiSodin Type Rnasomware Country of Origin Russia State Sponsored []Unknown [x] Unconfirmed [] Confirmed Active Since April 2019 Discovered by Cisco Talos Target Countries All countries except Syria, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), which includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Main targets are US, …

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REvil Kaseya Ransomware Attack

APT Name: REvil – Tactics, Techniques, Procedures Updates from Organization: https://helpdesk.kaseya.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4403440684689 [Kaseya Ransomware Incident (groupsense.io)](https://www.groupsense.io/resources/keseya-ransomware-incident https://siliconangle.com/2021/07/07/victims-targeted-fake-updates-kaseya-allegedly-knew-exploited-vulnerability-april/ https://www.huntress.com/blog/a-recap-of-events-and-lessons-learned-during-the-kaseya-vsa-supply-chain-attack Ransomware: [x] Yes [ ] No Ransomware Negotiator: Not disclosed Ransomware Paid: 22nd July, 2021: Kaseya spokeswoman Dana Liedholm would not say Thursday how the key was obtained or whether a ransom was paid. She said only that it came …

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Is it safe to use a password manager?

There is always a fine balance between usability and security, it all depends on your risk appetite. If you favour more security then you have to be willing to jump through more hoops to get to where you want to be, however it will cost you convenience and time. On the other hand, if you favour usability, it comes at a cost of getting compromised.