Our Unique Approach to Cyber Security

We are a boutique cybersecurity services organization. Not all cybersecurity solutions are created equal. Our consultants will assess and create a unique tactical and strategic plan to start you on your cybersecurity journey to protect your intellectual property, employee data, and customer data.

We have been building information technology solutions for 28 years. We have consulted on various aspects of IT, IT Security from design, integration, and deployment in banking, retail, health-care, oil & gas, and telecommunications.

Below is an example of a multi faceted approach that will get you started on your Cyber Security Journey, which can absolutely be customized as per your immediate requirements

  1. Asset Inventory: The first step in your cybersecurity journey. Understanding which devices are connected to your network, which applications are installed on your systems, how many users have Administrator level access to your systems
  2. Vulnerability Management Program: Once you know what you have, you can embark on your journey to start patching the devices connected to your network, patch the applications, patch operating systems, and network devices. 80% of your risk is mitigated by having the latest patches installed on your systems.
  3. Security Awareness & Training: Your employees are the weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity. They have varying levels of access to your company information and systems. It is key that your employees are aware of how they should be using the information and systems while working in the office or remotely. We will design a custom Security Awareness & Training program that will in addition to an annual training regiment also provide periodic cybersecurity-related reminders via various mediums as per your choice.
  4. Security Architecture: While you operationalize the above activities we can conduct an assessment of your system, application, and network architecture. This activity will identify risks that require a lot more in-depth approach and can take more time, resources, and capital.
  5. Overall Security Assessment: Now that you are on your Cyber Security journey and have addressed low-hanging fruit type activities it is time to take a deep dive to provide you a comprehensive Cyber Security Program with short and long term objectives. This assessment will be conducted against established Cyber Security frameworks, once such a framework is NIST-CSF. We can conduct the assessment on any framework of your choice, with each framework requiring different levels of organizational, capital, and resource commitments.
  6. Audit & Compliance Services: As part of conducting business your business gets audited multiple times. We have years of experience coordinating SSAE16, CSAE3416, SOC2, PCI-DSS, CSA-CCM, CSA STAR Attestations. We can help you establish a continuous audit program ensuring that your organization does not suffer from audit fatigue and associated costs related to repeating the same activity for multiple audits.
  7. Virtual CISO: If you don’t have the resources to lead the security initiatives at your organization, we can provide you the leadership for running a robust Cyber Security Program.

If you need further guidance on implementing the above approach, schedule a free session so that we can become your trusted partner in your Cyber Security Journey.