Installing Docker on Windows11 quickly!

I had tried Docker quite some time ago, and had forgotten how to get started again. As I had not documented it last time, I had to do it all over again, however this time I decided to document the process. Here is the link for installing Docker Desktop for Windows from Docker, below are the steps I took to install it and get it running, pretty simple indeed!

  • Download Docker Desktop  for Windows
  • Download the latest Linux kernel update package, link to current package as of this writing is :
  • Execute the downloaded Linux kernel update package to install it
  • Execute the downloaded Docker Desktop for Windows to install it
  • If you are not logged in as an admin user on windows and you start Docker desktop, you will get following error message
  • Docker Desktop 
Docker Desktop - Access denied 
You are not allowed to use Docker 
You must be in the "docker-users" group
  • To fix this error you have to add the user you are logged in as to the “docker-users” group. 
  • Go to Start, type Computer Management, right click on the app and  select
  • When the app runs, click on Local Users and Groups, and click on Groups
  • Local Users and Groups 
  • In the right hand window right-click on “docker-users” group and select Add to Group
  • dccker- 
Add to Group... 
  • Add the user you have logged in as in the form that is presented , click ok.
  • Log out of windows and log back in again for the group changes to take effect
  • Start Docker Desktop, accept the conditions and enjoy!