Shahid Sharif

Car door locks hacked!

As most of us are now accustomed to using the keyless car entry systems installed in on our cars daily without ever thing it could be HACKED.  Well security researchers in Israel and Belgium have discovered an electronic eqivalent of a Slim Jim.  Most car manufacturers have implemented a 20 year old encryption system called KeeLoq.  …

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iPhone unlocked!

So much for AT&T’s strategy to have exclusive rights to sell Apple’s iPhone.  Apple probably convinced AT&T into beleiving that their Mac osX is very secure and so would their iPhone OS.  The fact that an 17-year old can unlock the code on iPhone makes Apple look like fools.  The morale of this story is, …

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I was just following up on news today and came across an article on BBC news. According to the article most of the information lost pertained to North American users, and about 5000 non-north american users.  The attack originated in UKRAINE, what this means is that the users whose information was lost should expect a … hacked! Read More »

Corporate intranet blogs

The two most worrysome issues in corporations were dealing with use of emails and webservers.  Now a third more potent tool are the BLOGs.  People can blog to their hearts content on the internet, but when it comes to blogging on the corporation intranet a lot of issues surface like: Content of the blog Compliance …

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