Month: July 2016

UNIX Auditing Script

Came across this script to collect information on your unix host for auditing purposes: <—————————————————-CUT———————————————————————–> #!/bin/sh echo ‘# Hostname: ‘`hostname`  >> audit.out echo ‘# Date: ‘`date` >> audit.out echo Audit Tests >> audit.out echo User Accounts >> audit.out cat /etc/passwd >> audit.out echo Shadow File >> audit.out cat /etc/shadow >> audit.out ls -l /etc/shadow >> …

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Replace Tab with Space

Replacing each <TAB> character in a file with a comma character can be accomplished several different ways with Perl. (I guess that’s one reason the Perl slogan says There’s more than one way to do it.) My favorite way is like this, from the command-line: perl -pi.bak -e ‘s/\t/,/g’ myfile.txt From the Unix (or DOS) …

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Virtualization 101

Virtualization provides organizations more bang for their buck, an excellent ROI. There is no argument about it. It has spread like a virus, organizations are virtualizating their systems without regard for security. The main component in any kind of virtualization is the hypervisor, it is an environment the virualized system thinks is the bare metal …

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